Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fed up. U morons!

I know I was not really active in my blog BUT I became good friends with Twitter, so you could read my crazy thoughts on Twitter, that's for sure...

I think I'm a bit desperate. Until now I tried not to care about my stupid country - including the clueless politicians (of the last 20 years!) destroying economy, justice, general hope of people, CULTURAL LIFE (that's my biggest problem of course), so everything - but there is a point when you realize you have to do something, and then you realize that you can not do anything. :(

In addition to my desperate mood, my totally harmless comment (ok, I was a bit cruel) was deleted from one of the biggest Hungarian classical internet forums about opera. WHYYYY?????? Ok, I was criticizing the director of the opera but this forum was full of shit before, people telling sooooo stupid things about everything and everybody without any selection - evidently all the forums are like this - but I really did not understand this step of the moderators.

My big problem is that I can not accept any kind of injustice or unfairness. I should get over it, I know, this is why I choose this way to write about it. I almost founded a page in facebook like "We Want Normal Opera in Hungary" but I did not want to spend useless time with it... so I forgot this solution.

So anyway...
Of course I know how to make things better - do your own opera or opera house (at the moment impossible) OR work at a place with a crazy boss who has a quite impossible mission to enrich our country's miserable cultural life with private money and innovative thoughts - and like this we can bring joy to the people :D

So we will have our possibilities to feel better, but I'm really tired (and no money...) to go every time abroad (ok, let's buy more dvds) to see some decent opera productions and not a 74!!!!! years old Boheme at the State Opera. Yes, a production from 1938! :((((

So you stupid morons, I don't care :D I will find my way, don't worry.

(And now back to Dido's lament - tomorrow singing time...)

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  1. Hi!

    If you think the hole cultural and opera situation in your country is desperate, well, you should come to Croatia. Things have definitely hit the bottom here. Thank God for DVDs!

    Btw, I came across your blog just few days ago and I just LOVE IT! It´s funny, inteligent, and craaaazy!

    Good luck!