Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have to change...

I decided to change my attitude and I bought my first ticket in years (it could be 5-7yrs) at the Hungarian Opera House. I will see Fidelio in September. I choose this because it is a new production with a lot of controversy - generally people hate it!!!!!!! Cooool. This is for me then.
I just spent about 3,2 Euro. They don't deserve more.

I wanted to see also Manon Lescaut, then thank God I remembered that that is a really shitty production, ML is ok, but the tenor s#cks big time and the biggest mistake in my opinion that they moved the Intermezzo from the 2-3act to the 3-4act. WHAAAAAAT? You can not do that, you stupid people. Don't change Giacomo's music or else I get mad :)
So I cancelled my ticket from the shopping cart and I just got Fidelio.

Then in October I will see something else - you have to go with them very slowly and carefuly.

And of course I try to get free tickets then I will be more happy and maybe more positive regarding their wrongdoing :)

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  1. If there was one thing I would change about the opera house it would be the wooden seats - I caught three performances when I was on holiday earlier this year and graduated from sitting to standing by the time of the last performance. "Owch!" is all I can really say.

    Being nosey - what great wrongdoing have they done?