Friday, August 28, 2009

Why Hungarian-culture-news-people doesn't care?

I'm writing this totally because of pedantry - but I have to. In case we are talking about not caring about the truth and do the things right, I get nervous every time :)

So we have the website where a news was published (sorry but if you want to read this you have to know Hungarian :)) basically about Angela canceling Carmen at the MET (which is good for the Menschheit I think) and postponing it to 2010. And they say the reason is that she wanted to sing with his husband Roberto the Sicilian, and in April/May 2010 they can sing together - awwwww.... happiness sunshine....

My problem is that this is bullsh#t, hate when people doesn't care and just publish news incorrectly in an important (?) cultural website.

As everybody knows (see for example here or evidently they can see it on the web of the MET) Angela cancelled the performances of Carmen where she was scheduled to sing with her nice husband, and like this in April her partner will be Jonas Kaufmann - Angela's Pinkerton and the tenor which is clearly a pushed-up a bariton.

So when I noticed this small problem in that news, I wrote a nice letter for the cultural-news-people that they should change this because it is not true what they are writing about - but they did not answer (ok, no problem, don't need answers) and either changed the news.

This is my story for today, hope one day will know the real news. But I think they wont... and continues to publish without any control.

But at least she cancelled... Angela as Carmen???? A nightmare!

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