Monday, September 28, 2009

What was wrong with the Zürich-Hauptbahnhof-Traviata????

Actually nothing.

Last year I discovered this strange opera-production some days before the tv-broadcast, but unfortunately I couldn't watch the opera live here in Hungary - I just found the videos on youtube. And I got really excited. Finally somebody realizes that we should do crazy things with opera - like make Violetta sing at the 9th platform, surrounded by surprised travelers. Because evidently if you continue to make old fashioned boring productions, your audience gets old (they are already...) and they die.
And even if there were some flaws, or I was not happy with all the singers, it didn't matter because the whole package was so fresh and positively strange. Of course my fellow companions at some music forums were not so excited, they were totally disgusted "how can the Swiss do this to La Traviata" "and opera is so sacred that can't be performed in a train station"... and so long...

Then this year we will have "La Boheme in the Suburbs" in Bern. And ARTE channel is so nice with us that you can watch it also online!!!!
(more info here - and there will be also live blogging so I think this is more than a 21st century operablogger could wish for herself!!!!!)

Stay tuned tomorrow - on the 29th September, 19.55
(I think I will be on twitter as well...)

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