Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Opera could be fun - if you have only 140 characters...

Meanwhile trying to catch up with the new posts, here you are, some candy.
Other blogger, The Omniscient Mussel, made a contest on Twitter (I don't like it, I mean Twitter - ok, I admit, it is useful for something, but until this point - not for me...) and the results are here.
The idea was to do opera-plots with 140 characters. And to be funny and explain the totally nonsense story of operas... You have to check it out - it is hilarious.
The best material was presented by the user "urbanophile" describing Maestro Béla Bartók's 'A kékszakállú herceg vára' - hope you don't mind the Hungarian words :)
Ur a psycho but I married you anyway. “Don’t ask me about my business.” Sorry, I gots to know. Ok, it’s Door #7 for you, bitch.

So, good night, bitches :)

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