Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good old Giacomo

Giacomo was born 151 years ago (in 1858 - if you can not arrive to this conclusion :)), so we should celebrate!!!!!!!! Ok, of course, you are asking why 151???????
I wanted to celebrate him last year but I was too busy, so let's do the 151Years Celebration...

Later on I will try to worship THE MASTER, Puccini, of course... but not with lame banalities like everybody does, because generally the anniversaries are soooooo boring, we can se the Boheme for the 214253625 time, in a 50 years old production and then some concert with arias like Recondita armonia.... NO. This makes me sick. This is boring. We don't need this.
Let's start with a nice photo of the MasterGiacomo and me. In Viareggio, long time ago... And of course, you won't see my head. I am a bunny or something.

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