Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Role models - the old foxes...

I would like to give you some really useful information, what you should read, if you want to be updated in the opera-classicalmusic-Iloveoperastars-world.
First of all.
This young lady living in Milan is an essential, basic, unmissable. I think she is the Perez Hilton of the OperaWorld. She knows everything before everybody. And sometime you can get some gossip as well.
And the second favourite is:
She (also a woman :)) is living in Denmark and travels a lot and has amazing reviews, she is way more reserved than OC, but this is the key, I really belive her because she seems to be very objective. She is more into Wagner and contemporary works, so if you are interested in the Italian sillyness, this is not a good place for you.
Some others, without any order...
If you are more interested in the US happenings, everything about the MET, New York, and those people's opinion who are seeing and hearing every night some 1st class stars and divas, like Renée, Placido, Natalie, Juan Diego, Waltraut, Anna, Rolando, etc... then this is your place.
For fans of Barcelona and the Liceu (for fans I mean myself) 2 blogs
She/he (I thik more a she) started new kind of posts now, I have to study the system to have some additional opinion. The problem generally is that after I left my beloved town of Barcelona, I don't like to read about the productions at the Liceu because it makes me cry. And sorrow.
But you should visit this blog :)
The other one is:
He is writing in Catalan (there is a translator program too), I suppose he is Catalan (and once I thougt I knew him, and maybe I really do) and sometimes he is making some contests, not easy ones, so I decided to not participate anymore because I started to cry. And sorrow. :)
A greek one, with immensely interesting productions at the Greek National Opera - I should go there once - but sometimes there are the toooo fan-ish stories - which is good, but maybe not for me.
Speaking of fans: if you don't want to miss anything about Anna
And if you go to London to visit your family-member, read this before:
And if you think that singers are dumb and don't have any interesting thoughts - you will be shocked:
And finally if you are a woman looking for a man - or more precisely you are excited to see some flesh of male singers:
Have a nice blog-reading-time!!!!

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