Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There should be a first one...

Behold People, this is my Blog!!!!!!!!!!
And this is my first post... generally the first posts are hard to write, so I won't try to do a perfect 1st one.
During the last weeks and months and years I discovered a lot of reeaaaalllly interesting blogs about operas, performances, opera houses, and first of all, opera singers.
Then I was thinking... As I have a lot of immensely amusing stories, personal experiences, and gossip about this world, I have to share it with the people out there...:)
So here we are.
About me: female, 31 - getting really old - and living in no man's land... (Hungary...) from where I have to escape several times.

And get excited about my second one!!!!!!!

PS: My English is totally gappy :) but I don't really care... So don't write me about this... I know that!

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